100 Word Challenge...

Suddenly the lights went off and it was pitch black and I couldn't anything but I could hear a noise.
It was something scratching against the wall. I yelled out to my mum but all I heard was silents except for the noise that was scratching against the door. The room enveloped the room with darkness I was so scared. I went to my room but it was pitch black too and I thought to myself that I think all of the lights were off in the house. I looked in all of the rooms and there was nothing so I went back to my room and went under the blankets and covered myself and closed my eyes. and I almost wet myself. I was so nervous.


  1. You have done a good job at descriing this frightening night time scene, darkness everywhere. Maybe you could have explained to us why the house is all dark. Good use of full stops to separate different ideas.


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